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You want to take a trip but are unsure if you can carry your vaping device with you. Despite the fact that you have probably been told you can’t take your vape on a flight, you’re not certain if that rule applies to disposable vape. You will learn whether you can carry it and the number of items you can carry.

We will answer all of your queries about flying with disposable vapes in this article.

Is It Legal To Bring a Disposable Vaping Device On A Plane?

Keeping your disposable vape products in your luggage is currently not prohibit, even if you aren’t allow to smoke in the airport or on the plane. You can easily bring your starter kit for vaping with you if you’re a beginner. However, certain airports might feature sections specifically for vaping, so we advise looking into the amenities of your preferer airport beforehand.

The Best Vaping Equipment for Travel

Our portable vaping devices are among the most effective vape products you could pack because they are so easy to travel with thanks to their small size and lightweight. Close pod systems have a compact, transportable, and robust design that makes them simple to pack in hand luggage at only 9.5 cm in length and 80g.

Rules and Regulations Regarding Disposable Vaporizers

There are several rules you must adhere to even if it is entirely permissible to bring your vaping pen on a flight.

Airports Vary From One Another

When it pertains to vaping, regulations range across various airports. It is advise that you verify what your particular airport permits before travelling as some may have specific regulations and others might have designate smoking areas.

Bringing E-Liquids On Board

Despite whether or not they contain nicotine, e-liquids are handle in the same way as any other liquid. You cannot bring anything that has a volume greater than 100 ml, as you cannot carry other liquids, otherwise, you will not be allow to pass through security. The quantity of fluids you can bring in your carry-on bag is limit, so keep that in mind.

How Many Vapes Are Allow to be Pack in a Carry-On?

In terms of carry-on luggage, you are allow to bring as many fluids as will conform in a 1-quart (950 ml) bag. This, however, applies to all liquids, including creams, sprays and whatnot. However, the air pressure inside the cargo compartment may cause spills throughout the journey if you bring additional e-liquid in your check luggage.

What Alarms Can Be Trigger By Vaping?

A fire or smoke detection alarm should often be set off by vaping, but it can. Most smoke detectors may be perfectly alright with you vaping nearby, but if you come across one that notices a particle change or a broken light beam, you will hear the alarm’s ringing bell.

Take into Account the Destination You Are flying To

In most airports across the world, there may not be any prohibitions on bringing vapes on flights, but even in those cases, it’s still advisable to exercise caution. Some nations have outright outlaw vaping, including Qatar, Singapore, and Thailand. Before you travel to any place, it is wise to examine the laws on nicotine and e-liquids.

How to Pack Your Disposable Vaping Device

Keep Your Vape in a Carry-On

Vapes utilize lithium batteries, which are a fire hazard like those found in the majority of electrical products. As a result, it must be brought on board in carry-on luggage rather than being house in the hold of a plane. Because of their small size, our vape products can, fortunately, be easily store in a clear, airtight liquids bag. It needs to be about 20 cm by 20 cm in size.

Retain the Packaging of Your Vape

In addition, when you travel with your vapes pods, it’s ideal to keep them in their original packaging. Because they will be identifies in this manner, airport security will not need to seize them. Lastly, always refrain from vaping while flying. It is prohibit and may result in legal repercussions. You can commute on the airline using the disposable one that you brought.

Place Your Vape in a Seal Transparent Bag

It is suggest that you inspect your check luggage for any vape liquid, aerosols, or gels you may have with you. These things should be put in a transparent plastic bag that can be seal. In order for security agents to quickly identify this bag, it should be put inside a strong box or carry-on bag. For these situations, a portable vaping device is recommend. In your carry-on luggage, you are permute to bring vaping equipment and supplies. But they must be put in a container that is leak-proof and has a maximum capacity of 3.4 ounces/100 milliliters.


In summary, it is permissible to carry a portable vape pen on a flight, but it is always advisable to double-check with the airline beforehand. The majority of airlines also go into detail on the kinds or sizes of vapes pods that can be load onto their aircraft.

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