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It is possible to recharge a disposable vape. Disposable vape, as the name implies, were not intend to be long-term items. They are suppos to have sufficient battery life to let you use the vape for as long as possible before throwing it away and purchasing a new one, but this is not always the case.

There are several disposable vapes on the market, but they do not have any simple ways to replenish the battery. On the other hand, nowadays there are throwaway vapes that include a built-in charging port, making it exceedingly simple to recharge your vape. Perhaps the battery in your preferred disposable vape suddenly died, and you do not want to go out and buy another one. There is a way to recharge your disposable vape, whatever the situation.

Is It Possible to Recharge All Disposable Vapes?

The quick answer is yes, however the procedure for recharging your vape varies depending on the sort of disposable vaping device you have. You are in luck if your portable vape has a USB-C charging port and is rechargeable. You will need certain supplies if your disposable vaping device does not have a USB-C input in order to restart it.

What If Your Disposable Vaping Pen Does not Have a Charging Port?

In order to charge the battery of your disposable vape if it lacks a charging port, you will require the following:

  • Any flat, sharp, and thin object will do, like a pair of scissors, a knife, or a flathead screwdriver.
  • A set of tweezers for working with wires.
  • An outdate USB charger, as you will be utilizing the wires.

Recharging Your Disposable Vaping Device

  • You will see a small crevice at the bottom of your disposable vape when you examine it. You can pry out the bottom portion of the vaporizer by using a flathead screwdriver, scissors, or a knife.
  • To reveal the sensor and wires, carefully remove the batteries from your vape. When you are through charging, you will need to put the wires back exactly how they were originally installed, so be sure to take note of how they are fitted.
  • The tape will be wrapped around the vape battery, keeping a red and black wire secure. Remove the tape slowly.
  • Grab the black and red cables that are visible from your USB charger with your tweezers, and then connect them to the expose metal prongs on either end of the battery of your vaporizer. Make sure the negative cable on your USB charger is link to the battery’s negative end and the positive wire to the positive.
  • While the device charges, attach the tape to keep the wires in place. Leave the battery to charge for a couple of times. Due to the risk of overcharging your battery, only let it charge it for a few minutes.
  • When your vaporizer battery is fully charge and set to use, just re-adjust your tape, insert the battery right back into the vape, and rejoin the bottom end piece.

How Much Time Is Required to Charge a Disposable Vaping Pen?

The amount of time you will need to set aside to charge a disposable vaping device can vary depending on a few different things. The first factor that will affect how long it takes to charge a smartphone is its battery capacity, follow by the charging port that you use. The side-mount LED light on your disposable vaping device should illuminate green as soon as it is time to use it again.

How Frequently Should You Charge a Disposable Vaping Pen?

When you first buy your fresh chargeable disposable vaping product, it will most likely come with a battery. The first sign that the gadget needs to be recharge is a decrease in the volume of vape produce. The flavor will begin to become significantly weaker after 500–600 puffs, which is normally when this occurs. Some devices also have an LED light that flashes when the battery is running low to let the user know.

Comparing the Use of an Android and an Apple Charger

A micropower cord, as well as a charger, are all the items you will need to get start when utilizing a disposable vaping pen with an Android recharging interface. Make sure you have an Apple charger before you begin, as well as a Type-C charging cable. Your disposable vape can be properly recharge using any of these techniques.

Safety Advice to Take into Account When Trying to Charge a Disposable Vape

  • It is crucial to understand the risks before embarking on a DIY recharging endeavor for your disposable vaporizer. Make sure to assemble all the parts of your disposable vape exactly as you found them after disassembling it.
  • The most secure method to recharge a disposable vaping pen is with a power bank. As you run the risk of electrocuting yourself, you should exercise caution when inserting your gadget into the wall. The titanium battery in your gadget can be hazardous to handle, so exercise caution if you decide to open it up at any point. You should also avoid letting any e-juice come in contact with your hands, as this could result in stains on them.
  • Another crucial point to keep in mind is that the majority of disposable vaping devices are not design to be recharge, thus it is likely that after trying to charge it, your vape will not function.
  • The most significant thing to watch out for is overcharging your disposable vape. You risk the possibility of your vaporizer overheating, melting, or bursting if you overcharge your device, which is quite easy to do. By following the above instructions, you should be able to prevent that.


As you can clearly see, charging a disposable vaping pen is quick and simple. The habit of charging this kind of device will become second nature to you, preventing you from continually purchasing vape pens that will just eventually wind up in the trash. Make sure to browse our whole product line at Smoke n More, which will supply you with a premium, high-quality vaping experience.

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