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A broken vaping device can turn out to be one of the most bothersome issues ever. Because they are so easy to use, disposable vapes breaking down is even more annoying. But there can be a straightforward explanation, so do not become frustrated! A quick fix is frequently all that’s required to restart your disposable vape. In this article, we will go over a few things to look for in case your brand-new disposable vaping device is not working properly. Try them out before you dump your brand-new disposable in the trash since they work with the majority of disposable vapes now on the market!

The Parts of a Disposable Vape

Before we go into how to repair a disposable vaping device, let’s define a few particular terms to enable you to focus on the important stuff quickly. A disposable vape typically consists of the following parts.

Reservoir for E-Juice

A built-in reservoir for holding e-liquid is a feature of the most basic disposable vapes. This part typically cannot be removed.


The ‘coil’ is the heat exchanger in your vaporizer that converts liquid to vapor. The coil heats up as a result of electrical current being forced through it. You breathe in the vapor that is produced whenever the vape liquid comes into touch with the heated coil.


The majority of devices are made primarily of batteries. Energy from the battery can pass into the coil by a pushbutton or draw-activated switch. Additionally, the battery could have an LED indicator light that shows the charge level and whether the item is operating.

Holes for Airflow

Air must be allowed to pass over the coil and through the gadget in order to inhale the vapor that is created by it. Similar to using a straw to drink something with clogged ventilation holes, and trying to vape. Simply, even if your vape is igniting, it will not work properly if there is no airflow.


The mouthpiece is the area where your lips are placed so you may inhale the vapor, as the term would imply. There are several variations in their sizes and shapes. Some have a wide, open draw, while others are smaller and more constrained.

How to Repair a Non-Working Disposable Vape

Check to See If Your Vaping Device Is Fully Charged

Checking the power or capacity of your battery should be your first step if your vape is not functioning. A light or other indicator is often included with devices to let the user know when it is charging or firing. As soon as you attempt to fire the device, look for lights. The absence of lights indicates a dead battery. When the battery is low on some gadgets, the light may pulse or flash repeatedly.

Possible Solutions

  • When it pertains to dead batteries, there is not much you can do if your device is not rechargeable.
  • Connect your rechargeable equipment to the charger if you have one. Keep an eye out to see if any lights start to turn on as a result. If the device’s light is off while charging, you might have a lemon.

Observe the Mouthpiece

However, something is preventing the vapor from flowing, even though your gadget may be firing. An adequate amount of airflow is made possible by the mouthpiece. This is especially true if you store your vaporizer in lint-filled pockets. It can be quickly blocked.

Possible Solutions

  • To verify for any obstructions, remove the mouthpiece if it is detachable and hold it up to the light.
  • If your mouthpiece is not removable, gently inspect it with a Q-tip or toothpick to determine whether something might be obstructing it.

Check The Level of Vaping Juice

The lack of e-juice is one major factor in disposable vapes breaking down. Despite the fact that manufacturers frequently include a recommended “puff count,” this is predicated on typical use. A good possibility exists that the vaping juice will run out faster if you puff your vape harder or longer.

Possible Solutions

  • For most disposable vapes, it can be challenging to verify the e-liquid level. An unpleasant or burnt taste is a certain indicator of a shortage of juice. In that case, buying a new vaping device might be appropriate.
  • it is possible that the mouthpiece on some disposables can be taken off. Typically, there is a cotton wad containing the e-liquid underneath the mouthpiece, along with a rubber seal. it is a good sign that your disposable has run out of e-liquid if this cotton appears to be dried up.

Check the Airflow

Airflow is affected by a number of factors besides the mouthpiece. It is possible for air to enter your device through the small air intakes found on many vapes. The holes are large and are easily clogged because of this. Additionally, some gadgets use the vacuum created when you suction on the mouthpiece to operate. The device may not always turn on with a light puff.

Possible Solutions

  • A toothpick or needle can be used to carefully remove debris from the airflow holes, the same as how you would with the mouthpiece.
  • Try blocking one of the airflow holes on a disposable draw-activated device if it has more than one hole and take a draw. In addition to increasing the switch’s suction, this can occasionally clean dirt from the second airflow opening due to the higher vacuum pressure.

Tap Softly and Shake

Your juice reservoir may at times develop air bubbles, which indicates that the coil is not in contact with it. As the wick in the coil wears out, this might cause a muted flavor or a burnt taste. This is a simple remedy, particularly if your vaping device is fresh.

Possible Solutions

Air bubbles can be removed by giving your device a light tap or shake. To check if there has been any progress, wait a short while before trying to hit your device once more.

Take a Break

The wicking material in your vape, which ensures that juice runs to the coil, could become a little dry if you use it frequently. As a result, your vapor may be thinner or, in severe situations, have a pronounced burned or acrid flavor.

Possible Solutions

Allow your gadget to rest for a few minutes. Five minutes is adequate, but ten minutes is preferable. Give your portable vape a few delicate tosses and swirls if you believe you may have worn out your coil to make sure the liquid will penetrate into the coil as well as the wick.

If your disposable vaping pen is functioning properly and this occurs frequently, consider lowering the number or intensity of puffs you consume with each use.

Take Your Vaporizer Apart

There are not many choices for fully disassembling the majority of disposable vapes. While there are tutorials available to show you how it is not recommended. There is a good probability that regardless of whether you are successful in disassembling your device, it will not be as simple to put it back together again because the inner parts can be rather fragile. A nice recommendation would be to look into some pod vapes if you are the type of vaper that likes to disassemble things or needs more dependability. In this manner, you may swap out problematic parts—like a bad pod—instead of throwing away an entire gadget.

The Bottom Line

Even though disposable vapes are easy to use, it is possible for something to go south occasionally. To fix a malfunctioning disposable vaping device, your best chance is to cautiously and deliberately navigate your way through the probable problems before trying our proposed fixes. In the worst-case scenario, you may have been unfortunate and got a vape that is unable to be repaired, in which case it may be necessary to purchase an entirely new one.

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